Award Categories

The Community Leadership Awards honor the philanthropic spirit of financial advisors in five categories: Catalyst Award, Community Service, Global Community Impact, Lifetime Achievement, and Volunteer of the Year.

Award winners are recognized at the Community Leadership Awards dinner. Proceeds from the dinner go directly into the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation.

Catalyst Grant Award
Presented to an advisor who has been an active stimulus for positive change and has displayed entrepreneurial vision and leadership in his or her organization, for at least two years. This may have been demonstrated by rejuvenating their organization from failing to thriving, by working to create a new community program from the ground up, or by helping to launch a new nonprofit organization.

Community Service
Presented to an advisor who has made managerial contributions to a local, non-profit organization - as a fundraiser, organizer, board member, or other executive position - over a period of at least five years, has made an outstanding contribution to the community, and has served "with distinction."

Global Community Impact Award
Presented to an advisor who has been actively serving for at least two years as a volunteer with a charity whose primary mission is to help those who live outside the United States, and whose efforts have made a lasting impact on a community outside the U.S.

Lifetime Achievement
Presented to an advisor who has an established history of distinguished service, has made a profound contribution to his or her organization, has exhibited leadership and provided inspiration, and gained recognition and respect from peers and the community over a period of a decade or more, helping the organization evolve and creating a lasting impact on the future of the organization.

Volunteer of the Year Award
Presented to an advisor who has been actively serving as a volunteer at one or more local non-profit organizations for at least two years and has made a contribution considered to have a 'lasting impact' in his/her community.