“You can change the world beginning by changing one person’s life,” said Ted Schwab, co-founder of the non-profit Capital Partners for Education (CPE). Like other financial advisors, Ted believes that children are our future—and all kids should have the opportunity and support necessary to graduate high school and receive a college education.

Based in Washington, DC, CPE helps break the multi-generational cycle of poverty through mentoring and college success programs for low-income students living in its area. When Ted started the organization in 1992, Washington was suffering from an intense drug epidemic and high crime rates. It occurred to him that if the educational playing field for kids was leveled, it might change the outcome and make a difference to individuals, families, and the community.

Using a customized approach, CPE supports each student it serves through all four years of high school, offering mentoring, academic financial assistance, career and college readiness training, and individualized staff support—services that are continued if the student attends college. Typically, all of the children who participate in CPE’s programs and go to college are the first in their families to do so.

The outcomes speak for themselves. Nearly 75% of all CPE students graduate from high school, 97% of its high school graduates enroll in college, and 70% of its college enrollees successfully graduate, which is more than three-times the national average and five-times the average in DC. CPE has served over 500 children since 1992.

As the organization’s biggest champion, Ted has played a critical role in growing and shaping CPE into what it is today. Under his leadership, CPE has expanded from serving just six students in 1992 to serving 256 in 2014. He’s served in various leadership capacities, including president and co-chairman emeritus, and as a board member has had a perfect attendance record for 23 years running. He continues to participate in major organizational decisions and fundraising efforts, and rolls up his sleeves to recruit mentors, connect CPE students with career opportunities, and host CPE events.

It costs CPE $5,000 to support each student that enrolls in its program. Invest in Others made a $25,000 donation to CPE in honor of Ted, who won the Invest in Others Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. Five students will now have the opportunity for a brighter future through CPE’s life-changing educational services.






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