How CSR and Philanthropy Are Changing Financial Services

When asked how corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are changing the financial services industry, a number of executives overwhelming agreed: the industry is being changed for the better. These changes include everything from improving the communities in which clients and employees live and work to making jobs more fulfilling. Here’s a sample of what they said:

Dan Arnold

“Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are changing the financial services industry by broadening our focus from individual investors and their families, to the needs of the entire community. We are creating unique opportunities for contributions to our communities and building meaningful connections that make a lasting positive impact and strengthen us all.”

—Dan Arnold, President, LPL Financial
Lisa Jones

“Charitable programs of financial services companies are inspiring a growing number of employees to actively engage in supporting charities and increase their personal giving. Corporate social responsibility can inspire personal social responsibility.”

—Lisa M. Jones, President and CEO, Pioneer Investment Management USA Inc
Tom Brownell

“It’s helping bring to light what this industry is about at heart, and that is doing good. We all want to do good for our clients and those who work for and with us; as we commit to philanthropic activities, we simply extend that good into our communities which helps change the perception of financial services.

—Tom Brownell, EVP, National Life Group, and President and CEO, Sentinel Investments
Carl Katerndahl

“The community in financial services has embraced giving as a standard practice. It’s great to see the impact it is having on those in need.”

—Carl Katerndahl, Executive Vice President, Nuveen Investments
Kate Healy

“So many advisors join our profession so that they can help impact people’s lives for the better. Taking that further to provide support and caring for those who need it strengthens our connections to our communities and makes our jobs even more fulfilling.”

– Kate Healy, Managing Director, Marketing, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Voices from the Field is a thought leadership series that features executives from the financial services industry sharing their insights on philanthropy.