December 2019 Grant Program

The Invest in Others Grants for Good Program was introduced in 2018 with the goal of funding specific programs or projects for nonprofits that financial advisors give back to. Several applications were received and recipients were selected based on the impact the grant would have on the nonprofit and the community it serves.

Brevard Schools Foundation – $3,000 Secured by Yvonne McGuire of Morgan Stanley

The Brevard Schools Foundation serves more than 75,000 students and 4,000 teachers by filling educational funding and opportunity gaps at all 83 of its public schools. The grant from Invest in Others will be used to purchase hygiene products to stock the newly established hygiene section in the Supply Zone for Teachers. Founded in 2014, the Supply Zone is a nonprofit resource center that distributes free school supplies to teachers at high-poverty public schools in Brevard County. Supplies are also provided to Homeless Student Liaison Teachers at every school in the district. Teachers use these supplies in their classrooms, or they can give them directly to students who do not have supplies of their own. Over the past five years, the Supply Zone has distributed more than $4 million in free supplies.

Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan – $5,000 Secured by Jill Gleba of Gleba & Associates

The Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan accepts donations of gently used furniture and re-distributes it to families and individuals in need. The people they serve are either living in poverty, transitioning from homelessness, working with child protective services, are recovering from a fire or other crisis, or are receiving mental health services. The grant from Invest in Others will provide 25 families, or 75 individuals, with approximately 250 items of furniture. Children will be able to sleep in warm beds, families will receive tables on which to share a meal, and vulnerable households will be able to live with stability and dignity.

Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region – $5,000 Secured by William J. Newman of Northwestern Mutual

Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region’s mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. The organization is committed to helping girls build skills and capabilities for a responsible, confident and self-sufficient adulthood. The grant from Invest in Others will cover expenses, such as field trips and STEM project materials, for the Eureka! Program. This free program provides girls with a gentle introduction to STEM, personal development, sports, mentorship, and career exploration. Girls commit to the program for five years, which helps to prepare them for the next step in their education after high school.

Wildflower, Inc. – $5,000 Secured by Jeffrey Baron of Commonwealth Financial Group

Wildflower is dedicated to serving children and families who have experienced the loss of a parent. By providing summer camps and other enrichment opportunities for children, as well as consistent support and respite for parents, Wildflower helps families strengthen their resilience and create positive opportunities for the future. The organization currently provides summer camp to 80 children each year until they reach the age of 18. The $5,000 grant from Invest in Others will help Wildflower reach its goal to expand the program to serve 100 children and families in 2020.