Empowering Others – Linda Ventura

The latest Invest in Others partnered podcast on Advisorpedia “Transforming Loss Into Support & Recovery with Linda A. Ventura” of Cabot Lodge Securities is now available!

Linda and Matt Ackermann have a tough and honest conversation about the loss of Linda’s son to substance abuse and her launching of Thomas’ Hope Foundation. Thomas’ Hope Foundation is focused on providing support, guidance and pathways to treatment for the individual struggling and their loved ones. Our certified peer recovery coaches use their lived experiences to guide those affected to a road of recovery. They are dedicated to promoting awareness, education, advocacy and empowerment regarding substance use disorder.

We believe that a willingness to obtain a basic understanding of Substance Use disorder can break down stigma, fuel empathy and is the foundation of all prevention.

Linda received an Honorable Mention for the Catalyst Award in the 2020 IiO Awards.

Listen to the episode here:  https://www.advisorpedia.com/podcasts/transforming-loss-into-support-recovery-with-linda-ventura/

Learn more about Thomas’s Hope Foundation: https://www.thomashopes.org/