By what criteria are the nominations judged?

Finalists will be selected based on their accomplishments and impact on the nonprofit and community it serves.

Criteria include:

  • Dedication: Did the advisor volunteer significant personal time and actively work with nonprofit staff and/or members of the community and/or those served by the nonprofit? Consider hours volunteered per month and the number of years the advisor has been involved with the organization.
  • Contribution: Did the advisor “give” or “get” funds to support the nonprofit? Consider personal donations and funds raised through the advisor’s efforts.
  • Leadership: Did the advisor start the program, initiative or organization? Are they currently in an influential leadership position? In the positions they’ve held, did they contribute to the long-term sustainability of the nonprofit?
  • Inspiration: How compelling is the nominee’s story? Did they motivate others to volunteer?
  • Impact: Did the nominee make a significant impact on the nonprofit and community?