What are the criteria that submissions will be judged on?

Corporate finalists will be selected based on the company’s demonstrated ability to encourage philanthropy amongst its employees, financial advisors and senior leaders, and make an impact in its community. Criteria include:

  • Leadership & Culture: Does the firm create a culture that inspires increased volunteer efforts but also employee growth and development? Does the firm tell its story in a compelling way?
  • Events & Activities: Does the firm offer compelling philanthropic events and activities for its employees to participate in?
  • Incentives: Does the company offer incentives for employees and advisors to participate in corporate giving programs? This includes matching gift programs and volunteer time off.
  • Contributions: Does the firm contribute time and funds towards the betterment of its community?
  • Impact & Inspiration: How effective are the firm’s philanthropic efforts? Has the firm made an impact on nonprofits and its community? Does the firm offer any unique and/or best of breed programs that will inspire other firms?