Invest in Others Awards Archives

Will I be interviewed by the media?

We will provide marketing kits and press release templates to all honorable mentions, finalists, and winners, and encourage them to utilize these tools to share this recognition with their communities, including local media outlets.Read More

Will I be filmed for a video?

All finalists will be filmed between July and September for videos that will be played at the Gala. These videos not only bring their story and charitable work to life, but they are also provided to each finalist following the event for their own use.Read More

When are finalists and winners announced?

The fifteen finalists (three in each award category) will be announced on Monday, July 17th through Invest in Others’ email distribution list, social media, and a press release. The five winners (one in each award category) will be announced at the Invest in Others Awards Gala on Wednesday, …Read More

What is the amount of the award?

Advisor award finalists and winners will receive a generous donation to their designated charities: Finalists in all categories will receive $25,000 Winners in the Catalyst, Community Service, Emerging Impact, and Volunteer of the Year categories will receive $60,000 The Lifetime Achievement Award winner will receive $100,000 Honorable …Read More

By what criteria are the nominations judged?

Finalists will be selected based on their accomplishments and impact on the nonprofit and community it serves. Criteria include: Dedication: Did the advisor volunteer significant personal time and actively work with nonprofit staff and/or members of the community and/or those served by the nonprofit? Consider hours volunteered per month …Read More

How are winners selected?

An unbiased third party reviews all completed applications. The top 10 nominations per category are forwarded as “blind” nominations (the nominee’s name, firm name, and broker-dealer/custodian are removed) to a judging committee of industry professionals. The judging committee selects three finalists (including one winner) in each category. …Read More

Who handles the awards procedures?

The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation handles all phases of the awards process. Questions regarding the awards process may be addressed to More

What are the award categories?

Catalyst Award: (Think Initiative) Presented to an advisor who has been an active stimulus for positive change and displayed entrepreneurial vision and leadership to a nonprofit organization for at least 3 years. This may have been demonstrated by rejuvenating an organization from failing to thriving or helping to launch a …Read More

Are the awards open to charities across all areas of impact?

Yes, as long as the charity is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The application includes many questions regarding the people served by the nonprofit; for those organizations working with animals or the environment, please focus on the people in the community that benefit …Read More