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What nonprofits are eligible?

Only qualified U.S.-based nonprofit organizations and educational institutions with tax-exempt status granted under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) are eligible to receive award donations. Exceptions to this include charitable organizations/foundations that serve as the charitable arm of for-profit corporations (for example, the Starbucks Foundation affiliated with …Read More

How frequently can an advisor be nominated and/or win?

Past Winners Advisors who have previously won an IiO Award category are only eligible to be nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award. It must be at least seven years from the original award date and they must meet the award criteria. For the 2023 awards cycle, winners …Read More

Who is eligible for nomination?

Nominees must be currently working in the U.S. as: registered representatives (for example, Series 7) or registered investment advisors or financial planners with a professional designation (please refer to FINRA’s list of designations for examples). Nominees must be active financial advisors, defined by spending at least 75% of …Read More

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, try following these steps: Click on the following link: Click on forgot password button Enter your email You will receive an email with a temporary password Copy that temporary password, and then click on the link within the email, enter your email …Read More