Fred Baerenz Invests in David’s Hope International

Fred Baerenz was inspired to get involved with David’s Hope International after his colleague, Scott Sweat, won our 2012 Global Community Impact Award for starting the non-profit. David’s Hope partners with local leaders and organizations in Eburru, Kenya to develop and implement solutions to poverty, such as child education, medical services, feeding programs, and biblical discipleship. Self-sustainability and the advancement of local communities are at the core of the organization’s work.

Becoming involved in 2012, Fred has motivated and inspired a range of donors and volunteers, recruiting more people to be involved in David’s Hope’s mission and increasing their giving and service. In 2014, he recruited a five-member board and agreed to serve as its inaugural chairman. In addition to broadening fundraising efforts, the board is helping David’s Hope perfect its processes and operations, which will enable the non-profit to make an even greater impact in Eburru.

Fred earned Honorable Mention for the 2015 Community Leadership Awards.

Fred Baerenz
President and CEO, AOG Wealth Management Inc.
David’s Hope International
Great Falls, Virginia