Jon Beyrer Invests in the Professional Alliance for Children

Jon Beyrer co-founded the Professional Alliance for Children as an all-volunteer, public charity that provides free financial and legal advice to the families of sick and injured children. The charity’s work is in an under-served area of need, where for-profit assistance is often unaffordable and public and non-profit resources are scarce.

Not only does Jon donate his own services, but he has also recruited a unique combination of financial, legal and tax/accounting professionals to volunteer their time and skills to help families in need. The help comes in the form of individual counseling and support, representation in court proceedings and with public agencies such as the Social Security Administration, and also in group classes and workshops. The Alliance has served more than 200 families since 2012.


Jon earned Honorable Mention for the 2015 Community Leadership Awards.

Jon Beyrer
Vice President, Wealth Management, Blankinship & Foster, LLC
Professional Alliance for Children
Solana Beach, California