Lisa Bodine Invests in the Lenape Valley Foundation

Lisa Bodine knows firsthand the impact that the Lenape Valley Foundation has on members of its community encountering mental health, substance use, intellectual or developmental challenges. Lenape has helped Lisa’s son, Brian, for over 20 years. Brian is an individual with intellectual disabilities and a poster child for how early intervention, family, community and job support can change a life. Lenape offers crisis and acute care services, residential and outpatient services, support programs, and education and training.

Lisa joined Lenape’s Board of Directors in 2009. Since then, she’s been a passionate and effective fundraiser for the organization, leading annual giving campaigns and co-chairing the Capital Campaign Committee. She also drove an initiative in the community to “Spread the Word to End the Word,” which resulted in the HHS Department in the State of Pennsylvania recommending and then passing a resolution to discontinue the use of the “R” word in legal documents, replacing it with “Intellectual Disabilities.”

Lisa earned Honorable Mention for the 2015 Community Leadership Awards.

Lisa Bodine
Founding Partner, Penn Wealth Planning, LLC
Lenape Valley Foundation
New Hope, Pennsylvania