Aaron Sherman

2023 Emerging Impact Finalist

Lancaster Public Library

Odyssey Group Wealth Advisors

Commonwealth Financial Network

I whole-heartedly believe libraries are an essential resource to empower and nurture our next generation of leaders.

The Lancaster Public Library inspires, empowers, and strengthens our community by connecting people with information, ideas, and enriching experiences. The Library allows the community to have equal access to information and lifelong learning opportunities, regardless of wealth or circumstance. Services provided by Lancaster Public Library include an expansive collection of print materials, a business reference center, public access computers, free adult and youth programming, public meeting rooms, an autism resource center, and online resources including eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming services.

Aaron Sherman grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and as a child, loved utilizing the many services his public library provided. As an adult, Aaron was thrilled to find that the Library’s kids’ reading circles were still in high demand. He found delight in enjoying library time with his young children.  Aaron joined the Lancaster Public Library board in 2016 and quickly took on a leadership role guiding the Library’s move into a new building. Aaron led the organization in raising $10 million for a capital campaign, which moved the Library into a new building downtown allowing the Library to serve Lancaster in new ways and reach a broader audience.