Advisor in Action: Hyacinthia Roberts

Hyacinthia Roberts

Community2Community (C2C)

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For the past eight years, Hyacinthia Roberts has served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Community2Community (C2C), a nonprofit organization working with partner communities in Haïti to create self-sufficient communities. Hyacinthia has been a key supporter of the organization since its inception in 2010, ensuring communities in Petit Goâvehave the tools they need to create positive, sustainable change. Four community-identified initiatives guide C2C’s work, including:


— C2C’s Water & Health Initiative: Creating a water distribution system to facilitate access to clean, potable water

— C2C’s Education Initiative: Constructing a permanent school structure and academic programs to train both students and parents

— C2C’s Reforestation Initiative: Assisting community members in reforestation to improve sustainability and fertility on the mountainside

—  C2C’s Road Initiative: Creating roads in order to improve mobility and increase access to markets in major city centers


Each week, Hyacinthia volunteers her time to ensure bookkeeping for the nonprofit is updated and fundraising records are accurate. In addition to this role, she traveled to Haïtiin November 2017 to serve on the ground and connect directly with the Haitians living in Petit Goâve.By working with C2C’s Mountainside Partner Community we were able to launch the C2C Continuous Care Initiative (CCI).  Currently the CCI provides a monthly visit from local doctors and nurses to address the health needs of the community. These experiences have etched the beauty of the people and the Haitian landscape, along with the resilience of both, on her mind forever.  Hyacinthia’s tireless commitment to Community2Community over the past eight years as a key champion and fundraiser has created positive change in C2C’s Partner Communities and has touched the lives of more than 5,000 Haitians.


“These aren’t poor helpless people we are impacting, but successful individuals overcoming setbacks and doing so with dignity. I am calling for others to join me in helping the entire Haitian community rebuild itself,” Ms. Roberts said.