Alana Scott

The Women’s Education and Leadership League (WELL) works to build successful financial futures by offering young women access to free high-quality financial and wellness education, training and support. Founded by Alana Scott in 2014, the Women’s Education and Leadership League has served more than 6,000 young women in northern California and helped them reach financial security. The program’s curriculum focuses on three core areas – Financial, Physical and Emotional Wellness – and believes that these three areas are intertwined.

Alana Scott was compelled to create WELL’s robust curriculum to empower women with tools to take charge of their lives, businesses, and communities. Alana’s service was inspired by her mother, who shared her financial savviness with her daughter and raised a family on a special education teacher’s salary. Thanks to Alana’s vision, leadership, and financial support, many WELL graduates have secured permanent housing, finished school, obtained jobs, and have become successful role models for their children.

When I turned 30 years old, I had an awakening of wanting to serve women, to honor my mom and carry out her legacy.