Alexandra Armstrong

Lifetime Achievement Award

Foundation for Financial Planning
Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc.
Commonwealth Financial Network

Since 1996, Alexandra Armstrong, principal of Armstrong Fleming & Moore Inc. in Washington, D.C., has helped raised more than $10 million for the Foundation for Financial Planning, an organization that focuses on providing pro-bono financial planning to low- and moderate-income individuals.

The cause has attracted support from some 50 corporations and more than 14,000 individual donors.

“The reason it resonates is because it’s an endowment fund. Furthermore, our profession is maturing and this is a way to give back to our profession and fight financial ignorance,” said Ms. Armstrong, a certified financial planner.

Over the past 18 years, the foundation has provided more than $5.5 million in grants to more than 225 community-based organizations across the U.S. to facilitate pro-bono financial planning for the underserved. More than 320,000 individuals have directly benefited, including members of the military, veterans, victims of disasters, low- and moderate-income families, and students.

Studies have shown that financial coaching can help low- and moderate-income beneficiaries save money, reduce debt and improve their credit scores.

“I’ve always loved our profession because you help people achieve their goals — and it’s the same thing with this foundation work. You’re helping people get control of their financial lives for the first time. I find it immensely satisfying,” Ms. Armstrong said.