Anasuya Meyer

2023 Emerging Impact Winner

Daya Inc.

Jaykay Wealth Advisors

LPL Financial

I believe we all play an important role in preventing domestic violence. It’s critical to be able to help survivors thrive financially as they reclaim their safety and independence.

Daya empowers South Asian survivors of domestic and sexual violence through free and confidential culturally specific services. Daya’s services focus on both the immediate safety needs as well as long-term legal, educational and financial support for survivors of abuse.

Anasuya began working with Daya as a volunteer in 2015, joined the Board of Directors in 2017 and currently serves on the organization’s Advisory Board. Anasuya plays a critical role in Daya’s growing financial empowerment program, which helps survivors thrive financially as they reclaim their safety and independence.  She is innovative in her educational approaches with Daya’s clientele, and shows incredible drive, compassion and humility. Research shows that the most common reason survivors return to abusive relationships is because of financial reasons. Thanks to Anasuya’s contributions, Daya’s clients can interrupt the cycle of violence and gain financial independence.