Andy Schwartz

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Bleakley Financial Group
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Andy Schwartz was an early supporter of New Jersey SEEDS, an education-based nonprofit founded to confront the lack of opportunity for high-achieving, low-income students. Founded in 1992, SEEDS provides free academic programming for students on Saturdays and during the summers, then places its students in selective schools across the country with robust financial aid packages. After being introduced to the young organization by a friend, Andy joined the Board and began donating his time and financial support to ensure success for SEEDS’ academic programs.

Over more than two decades, Andy has served multiple roles for the organization: volunteer, mentor, committee member, Golf Chair and an employer of multiple SEEDS alumni during summer internships. Andy is one of SEEDS’ most generous lifetime donors. Apart from his personal giving, Andy is a tireless fundraiser, engaging friends and colleagues in the mission. In fact, Bleakley Financial Group has contributed a quarter million dollars to SEEDS. In addition, as Chair of the Golf Classic for 22 outings, Andy has helped to raise more than $2.9 million for SEEDS through this annual event.

For Andy, it is powerful to participate in transformational programming that allows students to blossom and reach their full potential, regardless of their home zip codes. Since Andy joined the SEEDS Board of Trustees, more than 2,500 students have graduated from the organization and have enrolled in the nation’s most selective middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities with substantial financial aid packages. Andy sees SEEDS as sowing generational change for low-income students in his community.[/su_column][/su_row]
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