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2022 Charitable Champion

Congratulations Charitable Champion Arkos

Employees: 19
Location: Houston, TX
Custodian: Schwab Advisor Services
Top Executive: Jeff Thomas, Founder & CEO

Philanthropic Stats:

  • 100% of employees utilize VTO
  • 200 hours VTO offered each year
  • 3,000 volunteer hours employees completed through philanthropic programs & events offered by Arkos

We give in line with our corporate vision, mission, values and principles. We give one-third to national non-profits, one-third to disaster relief and one-third to local charities with hands-on help from our employees. Examples of our giving are Hope International, who provide micro-finance aid to emerging market entrepreneurs and locally in Houston, an organization called Houston Welcomes Refugees where the local office packed welcome kits for refugees relocating in Houston.

How does your firm make decisions about what philanthropic programs to offer, events to participate in, and funds to donate?
Our giving is divided equally into the following three categories:
1) National Giving that supports organizations that reflect our corporate vision, mission, values and principles;
2) Disaster Response;
3) Local Giving for each office that requires hands-on participation.

How do you motivate your employees to participate in the firm’s philanthropic programs?
By inviting their participation in selecting what local charities to support with corporate giving dollars and local volunteer time with their fellow employees.

What sets your program apart from others?
Ten percent of our ownership is owned by our foundation. Therefore, 10% of corporate profits automatically go to philanthropic efforts. I’m 2022, we plan to donate an additional 10% of company ownership to our foundation. Once that occurs, 20% of profits will go to charity. Our plan is that over the coming years, 100% of the ownership will be held by the foundation.

Programs offered by Arkos:

  • Monthly Toolbox lunches: Speak and attend a monthly luncheon that inspires business leaders to fulfill their purpose
  • San Antonio volunteer day: Our sole San Antonio employee started a church in his home.
  • Atlanta volunteer day: All 4 Atlanta employees shopped for Christmas gifts for underprivileged families
  • Houston volunteer day: Shopped for supplies and packed large plastic containers of home supplies for Afghan refugees entering the city
  • New York volunteer day: Our sole NY employee runs a food pantry in the church he planted and preaches at with his wife