B. Wistar Morris, III

Community Service Award

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia

Signature Family Wealth Advisors

Charles Schwab

As chairman of the board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia, Wistar Morris has led the organization in a fundraising campaign that brought in $1.5 million, enabling the club to open its sixth site within its 100-mile-wide service area and increase the number of children served to 1,000 a day. He has overseen a period of enhanced club program outcomes, with at least 90% of the members progressing to the next grade level on time.

Furthermore, Mr. Morris, a lawyer and client strategist with Signature, a family wealth advisory firm in Charlottesville, Va., has elevated the local club to the top five in the U.S. in terms of donors who give annual gifts of at least $10,000.

When asked what’s behind his drive, he credits the community.

“There’s a very strong nonprofit culture in our community. Charlottesville is a locus of a substantial amount of wealth. There is a lot of intellectual and monetary capital, which finds outlets in many ways in our area,” he said.

“Kids are easy — this cause is noncontroversial,” he said.

“There are lots of things in the country we’re polarized about. But we have equal numbers of people on the right and left who are donors. Everyone can agree that if you match a child in need with mentors and a nurturing environment — with fun and educational programs — you get great outcomes.”