Bottom Line | Jamaica Plain, MA

2022 Grants for Change Winner

$20,000 Grant secured by:
Darreck Mitchell

This $20,000 grant will enhance College Access & Success program interventions, community partnerships, and recruitment pipeline through the Young Men of Color Initiative.

Nonprofit Mission and Vision
Bottom Line partners with first-generation, degree-aspiring students from low-income backgrounds to help them get into college, graduate, and go far in life by establishing mobilizing careers. Its vision is to create a far-reaching ripple effect, launched by the transformative power of a college degree and a mobilizing first career, that will uplift individuals, families, and entire communities.

Now in year seven of a Randomized Control Trial, preliminary results show that compared to the control group, BL students are 23% more likely to graduate college in four years and “The fact that BL primarily serves students of color furthermore suggests that substantial expansion of the BL model could contribute to increased racial equity and mobility in the U.S.”