Bradford Financial Advisors

2023 Charitable Champion

Employees: 5
Location: Brighton, Michigan
Primary Broker/Dealer: Cetera Advisor Networks
Primary Custodian and/or Clearing Firm: TD Ameritrade Institutional
Top Executive: Bryan Bradford, Principal, Financial Planner

Philanthropic Stats:

  • $5,000 matching gift program
  • 25 average volunteer hours per employee
  • 70% of employees participate in philanthropic programs and events offered by the firm

As a financial firm, Bradford Financial Advisors always looks at the overhead and impact of prospective charitable initiatives, and focuses on children, seniors and Veterans. The firm’s Principal, Bryan Bradford, founded, an organization that fills the gaps for Veterans and their families – 27% of Veterans do not qualify for Veteran services. Since its inception Veterans Connected has provided $500,000 in support of Veterans and their families.

Bradford Financial Advisors gives free financial guidance to Veterans and their families, helping with death claims, estate issues, budgeting, negotiating debt payoffs and even simple things like teaching how to write checks. Every year they organize an Adopt-A-Soldier program and adopt dozens of families and provide them with an average of $2,000 per home in needed gifts. The tag line of Bradford Financial Advisors is, “Vested in Our community and in Your future”… a phrase inspired by their clients.