Brian Robinson

2020 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

The Florida Dream Center, Inc.

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

The Florida Dream Center provides a wide array of human services in the greater St. Petersburg community. Service areas include: feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, job skills training and placement, Adopt-A-Block programming, addiction recovery, ministering to imprisoned populations, and recovering and restoring sex trafficking survivors. The Center is committed to restoring dreams, renewing hope and rebuilding lives; whey they see a need they meet it, and when they find a hurt, they heal it.

Brian Robinson first heard about children being sold into slavery when he was in Beirut, Lebanon during the Syrian refuge crisis. When he learned that child slavery and sex trafficking was also happening in his own community he couldn’t look away. Brian had to get involved. Brian has volunteered with The Florida Dream Center for the past eight years and specifically donates his time towards human trafficking issues. Brian worked to establish one of the first safe houses in the country for young men who were trafficked, has been involved in multiple trafficking rescues, and continues to coordinate countless Human Trafficking training events throughout Florida. His persistent dedication and volunteerism have improved the quality of care provided to victims of human trafficking by The Florida Dream Center. To date, the Center has been involved in more than 200 human trafficking rescues in the Tampa Bay area.

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