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2022 Charitable Champion

Congratulations Charitable Champion Cary Stamp

Employees: 10
Location: Tequesta, FL
Primary Broker-Dealer: Commonwealth Financial Network
Custodian: National Financial Services
Top Executive: Cary Stamp, CFP, CEO

Philanthropic Stats:

  • 612 volunteer hours completed
  • 76.5 average volunteer hours/employee
  • Participated in 9 philanthropic events

How does your firm make decisions about what philanthropic programs to offer, events to participate in, and funds to donate?
Our community service endeavors operate under the umbrella of “Cary Stamp Cares” theme. Our allocations of time and donations can be for any cause or organization with which our team members volunteer or serve on boards—or entirely other worthy programs that have an event that we can schedule on our monthly calendar. All of our team members are encouraged to serve on nonprofit boards and to volunteer with organizations of their choosing, in addition to participating in firm-specific endeavors.

How do you motivate your employees to participate in the firm’s philanthropic programs?
We’re fortunate that team members are inherently community-service minded human beings. Most are involved in their own causes, while strongly supporting firm-sponsored events without needing much encouragement. We keep the staff updated on our calendar of community initiatives well in advance of event dates. Monthly events are usually staffed on a rotation basis, depending on each team member’s availability and belief level in the cause.

How do you define and measure the success of your overall philanthropic program?
Currently, we measure the success by the frequency of our monthly volunteering as a firm (to a different cause each month) and the feedback of the nonprofit programs and institutions with which we partner. We believe that we’re among the most active community-minded firms in the country for a firm of our small staff size.

What sets your program apart from others?
The consistency of our monthly community service program sets us apart. We have a calendar of rotating events/organizations that receive our volunteering time and donations, every month. We usually contribute to 12 different charitable organizations over 12 months.
In addition, we have multiple staff members who are executive officers of nonprofit boards, including those focused on child services, environmental advocacy, civic engagement, and more.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your firm’s philanthropic efforts? In what ways have you pivoted as a result?
The initial 18 months of COVID certainly impacted our ability to volunteer time, which is the primary component of our community service program. Being a small firm, it was a challenging period for our ability to give back.

During the initial lockdown, we offered professional expertise to anyone who was having financial difficulty and needed advice. Meanwhile, most of our high level volunteering through seats on nonprofit boards continued through virtual board meetings.

Programs offered by Cary Stamp & Company:

  • Two events for Edna Runner Tutorial Center
  • Cary Stamp Scholars
  • Scholarship Fund donation to graduating high school students (annually)
  • Quantum House End of Summer Party