Cassaday & Company, Inc.

2023 Charitable Champion

Employees: 83
Location: McLean, Virginia
Primary Broker/Dealer: Osaic
Primary Custodian and/or Clearing Firm: Pershing, LLC
Top Executive: Stephen Q. Cassaday, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Philanthropic Stats:

  • 24 VTO hours offered each year
  • $10,000 matching gift program
  • Employee Fund donations matched at 200% by CEO

Cassaday and Company’s charitable initiatives support individuals and organizations in creating opportunities that would otherwise not exist, providing essentials like food, water, medical care, shelter, education, and more. Its philanthropic program reflects the firm’s commitment to giving back and making a meaningful difference in the communities where they operate.

In 2022, Cassaday team members volunteered during PRS’s “Imagine Hope Benefit” event. This event raises funds which allows PRS to provide mental health support to teenagers and young adults. With proceeds from this event, PRS was able to serve 33% more clients with behavioral health services, and their Community Support services engaged 80% more clients than the previous year. Founder, Chairman & CEO Steve Cassaday encourages every employee to give back to their community, saying, for societies to be successful and flourish, those who have enjoyed success must recognize the obligation to give back.