Change Happens

2021 Grants for Change Winner

  • $25,000 towards Change Happens The Good Life Outcomes Program

  • Grant Secured by Mickey McGill
    Ameriprise Financial

In what capacity are you involved with this organization?

“After the death of my classmate and friend, George Floyd, I decided to send a lot of my time to mentor youth from my neighborhood to be more financially literate and to think about becoming a financial advisor. I have been able to speak with students from George Floyd’s high school about financial literacy, educate them on the importance of going to college, and help them connect with mentors.”

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

Change Happens strives to empower individuals, 70% of whom are members of communities of color, by providing a variety of programs that educate and enrich youth, promote proactive healthcare measures and house displaced families. The $25,000 grant from Invest in Others will be used to fund its ‘Good Life Outcomes’ program, which aspires to promote a vision that advances inclusion, equity, and racial and social justice in the Houston/Harris County community, resulting in equitable opportunities for all. The program will help to elevate the educational experience for students at the Jack Yates High School by partnering with the George Perry Floyd Jr. School and Athletic Community Field and serve as a learning hub for community engagement.