Community in Crisis

2023 Grants for Good Recipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

Community in Crisis has a reputable track record of offering innovative recovery support programs to individuals in and seeking recovery, and their allies. The goal of these programs is to increase a sense of connectedness, create community and help sustain recovery.

Inspired and motivated by the mantra “connection is the cure” CiC provides a wide array of peer-driven supports and creative programs that nurture an inspired substance free life. When occasional funding has been made available, Community in Crisis has offered holistic natural recovery workshops which have elicited overwhelming positive feedback and resulted in participant waitlists.

Now, therefore, CiC is seeking to expand these in-demand programs to offer a suite of weekly holistic natural recovery programs (HNR at the Hub)) such as ashtanga yoga, reiki, tai-chi, meditation ,and qigong. Additionally, Saturday morning workshops will be incorporated into ‘HNR at the Hub’ program offerings with events like sound bath, mindful eating and Nia, all of which would complement the ongoing weekly offerings.