Dave Weeks

2022 Community Service Award Winner

Naperville Elderly Homes (NEH) transforms lives by providing affordable homes, a sense of security and fulfilling lifestyles to lower income seniors and persons with disabilities. There is a severe shortage of affordable housing in Naperville, Ill. – NEH currently has a three-year waiting list – but the organization fulfills a vital need for the community in keeping vulnerable populations housed in a dignified manner. In addition to providing affordable housing to 204 individuals annually, NEH also connects clients with programming that includes educational seminars, low impact exercise classes and health screenings.

Dave Weeks first got involved with NEH fifteen years ago and transformed the organization’s grant program, allowing NEH to hire an activities director and provide additional assistance for residents with special medical or dietary concerns. In 2015, Dave was elected board president and led the effort to obtain financing for a massive $30 million renovation and expansion project. Thanks in no small part to his energy and commitment, NEH was able to renovate its 121 housing units and add 69 additional one-bedroom units to serve more of those in need.

I see the impact we’ve had on the community and love that I’m working on something that changes lives.