Board of EDsnaps

2021 Grants for Change Winner

  • $25,000 Grant towards The STEAM City of Women’s Leadership Development

  • Grant Secured by Joanne Spears | Merrill Lynch

In what capacity are you involved with this organization?

“I am the advisor, treasurer, and fundraising chair of EDsnaps as well as a current member of the Board of Directors.”

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

EDsnaps strives to increase diversity in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) workforce by offering hands-on workshops and mentorships in professional environments so students can discover life-changing opportunities in STEAM. The $25,000 grant from Invest in Others will be used to fund the organization’s 20-week Leadership and Career Development Program for its students, 97% of whom identify as people of color. EDsnaps students are educated on how to create personal and professional value through leadership roles as counselors, leading on individual independent & group research projects, creating content for afterschool programs, and serving as role models for younger students. In addition, the content of the Summer Program workshops helps the students’ families to strengthen their socio-economic situation as students are educated in language, financial and technology literacy.