Elliot Kallen

2023 Volunteer of the Year Award Finalist

A Brighter Day

Prosperity Financial Group

Fortune Financial Services

Losing my son helped me realize I needed to do something that would help other families in need of education and resources to prevent and treat mental health crises.

Elliot Kallen’s family suffered unfathomable loss when his son, Jake, took his own life at the age of nineteen. On his way home from burying his son, Elliot realized he needed to take action to prevent teen suicides in his community. Every year, tens of thousands of teenagers struggle with thoughts of helplessness, isolation, depression, and suicide. Sadly, the parents of these teens are the last to learn this, and sometimes after it’s too late to take action. Elliot founded A Brighter Day in 2016 in hopes of preventing other families from facing the life-altering loss of losing a child to suicide.

A Brighter Day’s mission is to be a relentless force in stopping teen suicide by providing educational resources on mental health and parenting. By hosting community events and virtual support groups, offering crisis intervention and therapy partnerships, A Brighter Day aims to create a world where teen suicide is no longer an epidemic.