F.A.M.I.L.Y Home Movement

2022 Grants for Good Winner

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?
The Homelessness to Homeownership program serves low/middle class families who have experienced homelessness and/or reside in homeless shelters or low income areas. The $20,000 grant from Invest in Others will be used to assist 3 families with 1 year of educational resources and services such as credit repair services, financial advisor services, moving expenses, and closing costs on a home.

Since receiving this award we have helped 2 families close on their homes on the Southshore of Boston and Northshore of Boston.

Being recognized by IiO helped us provide more of an impact in the community awareness, more financial advisors to help our families, and additional funding to help more families with down-payment, closing expenses, and stabilization services. This grant was able to give to Family Movement gave me an overwhelming sense of hope for the future of this organization. I have always believed that the time and sweat equity put into any project will only go as far as the financing will take it, and this grant showed me that Family Movement will continue to be a force moving forward with the help of organizations like IiO.