Fred Taylor

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[su_column size=”3/4″ center=”no” class=””]2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation
Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC
Charles Schwab

Fred Taylor’s connection to the Children’s Hospital Colorado runs personal and deep – the Hospital saved his son’s life when his child became sick with a near fatal brain aneurism. Fred was so moved by the care and comfort his son and family received during the terrifying ordeal, he realized how vital the organization is for many families just like his own. After this experience, Fred joined the hospital foundation’s Board of Trustees and has worked to ensure that Children’s Hospital Colorado can continue to serve as a strong, viable health provider for years to come.

During his 20 years of service to the Hospital, Fred has served as an exceptional leader, acting as Secretary, Treasurer, Investment Chair and most recently as Chair of the Board. Further, Fred leads by example and supports the Hospital Foundation philanthropically by fostering significant relationships on its behalf. Fred’s gratitude towards the organization continues to this day. Thanks to his son’s care at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Fred’s son is now grown and is a father himself to a happy, healthy baby girl.
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