Frederick P. Baerenz

David’s Hope International is a nonprofit that partners with a local Kenyan organization to build long-term, sustainable solutions that address the needs of the community in Eburru, Kenya. Over the past ten years, Eburru has transformed from being one of the poorest places on earth with a high mortality rate to becoming a thriving community with sustainable businesses, developed schools and better health care outcomes. Many of these accomplishments have been achieved thanks to partnerships developed by David’s Hope International.

Fred Baerenz traveled to Eburru back in 2012 and was inspired by the local partners’ ability to accomplish so much with so little. After seeing the organization’s mission in action, Fred began fundraising and within the year was invited to join the Board of Directors. Fred worked to build a diverse Board with representation from education, finance, and health care sectors. He raised more than $1 million through personal gifts and challenge grants, which has been used to construct school buildings and orphanages, fund and organize a local credit union, build homes, purchase musical instruments for school children, and fund field trips.