Fundacion Hermanos de la Calle Inc.

2023 Grants for Change Receipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

Grant will be specifically used to help homeless individuals re-insert themselves in the community by providing them housing while they get back on their feet. We will reach out to these homeless people in Miami Dade, offer them housing for a few months as we support them in the transition to becoming a productive member of the society.

With the current inflation, a growing number of individuals are facing a housing crisis and the foundation is having a harder time covering the needs of the homeless and soon to be homeless. There are government programs which are not enough to cover the need and in many cases the homeless are not eligible to access these funds. Fundacion Hermanos de la Calle has a phenomenal track record and success ratio helping homeless off of the streets in a holistic way where families regain their dignity and become productive members of society.

This specific project entails helping as many homeless we can with the budget of US$20,000. On average, these families need 100% support during the initial three months of their journey to becoming independent. Once these three months expire, the foundation is stillthere to support them, but it is no longer financially responsible.