Garland ISD Education Foundation

2023 Grants for Good Recipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

Do you remember going to school as a child and wanting a candy bar from the vending machines? You would save your coins and buy the candy and it was a happy day. This grant would be used to purchase2 vending machines ($7500 for each machine) for 2 elementary schools but not of the candy variety. This is a Book Vending Machine where kids can, by virtue of good behavior and successful completion of tasks and or improvement of grades, can earn coins that are used to “buy” books to take home and keep.

Imagine having a way to encourage and incentivize children to do more and be more through the idea of earning a book that you get to choose from a vending machine. This is a wonderful way to encourage better behavior and improvement in grades. These 2 vending machines will be placed inside 2 elementary schools whose population includes children where 80% live below the poverty level. 60% come from homes where English is the second language. There isn’t any extra money in the homes to buy books. They need the motivation to continue to learn and improve and ultimately excel.