Harford Retirement Planners

2023 Charitable Champion

Location: Bel Air, Maryland
Primary Broker/Dealer: LPL Financial
Top Executive: Joe Conroy, CFP, Owner

Philanthropic Stats:

  • 24 VTO offered per year
  • 96 total employee volunteer hours
  • 100% employee participation in philanthropic programs and events offered by the firm

Harford Retirement Planners started an endowment fund with its local community foundation. The “Harford Retirement Planners Community Fund” benefits local organizations that are underserved.

Harford Retirement Planners also focuses on financial literacy – one example is speaking at a local “Baltimore Life Coaches” breakfast. Boys from underserved neighborhoods in Baltimore are paired with mentors to help teach a different way of life than what they experience daily. They teach the basics of money, budgeting and the importance of investing for a better future.

Harford Retirement Planner’s strategy as a firm is to positively benefit the entire community, not just those they serve as clients. They serve their clients to the very best of their ability, but don’t want to stop there. That is why they created the company endowment, volunteer days, and the pro-bono efforts to further financial literacy. The goal is to extend a hand to those who could use it to create a brighter future.