Hopewell Music Cooperative North

2023 Grants for Good Recipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

The purpose of this grant is to support Hopewell’s largest and most urgently-needed offering, its lesson program. This program provides the opportunity for students of all ages in the North Minneapolis area to receive private or group music instruction at little to no cost.

Group lessons create community, facilitate peer learning, teach teamwork, and build ensemble skills. Students learn from each other, not only developing musical skills but building friendships and rebuilding social skills which were delayed due to the pandemic.

Hopewell provides a dedicated space for teachers and students to use remote lessons. This space also includes access to technology needed to support a valuable lesson experience, recording equipment, and composition software students can use.

This high-quality, engaging, program retains 92% participants annually, meets the students at their skill level, and focuses on building mentoring relationships. The teaching staff are hired and trained to also focus on cultivating relationships with students that often extend beyond the immediate musical experience and into the communities they live.