IntentGen Financial Planners

2023 Charitable Champion

Employees: 15
Location: Naperville, Illinois
Primary Broker/Dealer: Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments
Primary Custodian and/or Clearing Firm: Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions
Top Executive: Zachary Larson, Founding Partner and Wealth Advisor

Philanthropic Stats:

  • $72,500 in cash contributions
  • 25 average volunteer hours per employee
  • 70% of employees participate in philanthropic programs and events offered by the firm

Living Generously is a core value at IntentGen Financial Partners and goes beyond a defined program. IntentGen Financial Partners encourages its team and clients to be generous with their time, money, and resources daily, and support efforts to do so through sponsorships, charitable donations, gift matching, and hosting of charitable events. Generosity can look different to everyone based on their goals and values. That’s why IntentGen Financial Partners is passionate about providing a variety of ways that can help maximize impact – such as leveraging opportunities through family, church or community.

IntentGen Financial Partners specifically address social and economic issues by partnering with organizations that work to end homelessness, hunger and suicide and promote youth development. In 2022, it aligned with over 25 local nonprofits and donated over $72,500 to organizations, relationships, and programs that are meaningful to their clients and community. The firm also facilitated over $770,575 in charitable gifts from clients to local churches and charities of asset-based gifts to churches, charities, and donor-advised funds. They believe that the world is bigger than just them, and it is their duty to give back to it.