Jason DiLauro

2022 Community Service Award Finalist

The Revere School Foundation is committed to promoting experiential learning, producing leaders, and protecting the children served in the Revere Local School District in Copley, Ohio. Since its founding in 2013, the organization has worked to place more resource officers in schools, create See Something Say Something programming for students, offer Equine Therapy for students dealing with mental health issues, and support teacher grants for experiential learning. Thanks to the Foundation’s programming, students’ physical, psychological, and emotional safety have all been enhanced.

Jason DiLauro formed the Revere School Foundation in the wake of Sandy Hook, when he realized that his own community’s schools were also vulnerable to gun violence. He believes it is of the utmost importance to create safe, healthy learning environments where students can grow and thrive through learning. Thanks to his tireless commitment to fundraising and growing the organization, more than 56,000 students have been served by the Revere Local School District.

What warms my heart is the fact that we’re protecting our kids; we’re fulfilling the promise we made to families and the community.