Jim Geraghty

2017 Community Service Award Finalist

Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Jim Geraghty believes that children can truly thrive when they are guided down the right path. A product of public housing, scholarship programs and multiple mentor relationships, Jim has pledged his time and financial resources to Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps for the past five years. RFK Children’s Action Corps is a national leader in child welfare and juvenile justice, operating a number of programs and services for at-risk youth and families including community based initiatives, residential treatment and juvenile justice programs.

In addition to serving as Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Detention Diversion Committee, Jim also serves as the Co-Chair of the Embracing the Legacy Awards Dinner, which raised a record breaking $334,000 in 2017, and is a member of the steering committee for the organization’s $6 million fundraising campaign. Jim is most passionate about the Detention Diversion Advocacy Program, which seeks to divert youth from the justice system so they go on to have successful middle and high school experiences – and avoid incarceration later in life. Jim not only leads by example as a mentor, but his leadership and dedication to social justice has also allowed RFK Children’s Action Corps to energize fundraising efforts and broaden its base of support in the community.