Larry Goff

2016 Global Community Impact Award Finalist

Beauty for Ashes Uganda
Triloma Securities, LLC

Larry Goff is a founding Board member and key leader at the international nonprofit Beauty for Ashes Uganda, an organization that seeks to empower women – especially single mothers and widows – to reach long-term sustainability for their families. After his daughter, Brandi, adopted a little boy from Liberia, Larry came to understand firsthand the poverty, hunger and war that affects so many people around the globe and knew he had to help. Since 2011, Larry has worked side-by-side with his daughter to turn a dream into a reality by establishing Beauty for Ashes Uganda and developing programming, mapping out needs and raising funds.

Thanks to Larry’s efforts, Beauty for Ashes Uganda has purchased cows for community-based cooperatives, dug wells to provide entire villages with fresh water, and paid school fees in full for more than 1,000 children. Larry’s dedication and enthusiasm has enabled the organization to take on larger projects and touch the lives of 1,153 women in 37 cooperatives across 30 villages in Northern Uganda. Larry enjoys traveling to Uganda on regular mission trips and shares this experience by bringing family, friends and co-workers to meet the inspirational Ugandan women they serve.