Literacy Center of West Michigan

2023 Grants for Change Receipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

The Literacy Center recognizes the relationship between literacy and navigating financial institutions/developing financial literacy. 90% of the learners we serve are considered BIPOC. The Literacy Center’s current programs offer an opportunity for learners to engage in financial literacy learning within the context of adult literacy education, providing life-changing opportunities to underserved populations. Each of our four programs has opportunities for financial literacy.

Through adult tutoring, many learners have goals related to financial literacy, including understanding banking, employment ,and budgeting. Our Community Classes prepare students for the GED and citizenship, with opportunities for incorporating financial literacy. In workplace-focused classes, instructors incorporate financial literacy instruction.

In the Family Literacy Program, parents attend four hours of English classes weekly and families are invited to a Family Activity Night four times annually. During that time, families share a meal and engage in a literacy activity they can replicate at home. With the support of the Invest in Others Grants for Change, the Literacy Center will expand on including financial literacy across all programs by providing training for tutors, strengthening financial modules in Family Literacy and workplace classes, and partnering with financial experts to provide resources to all learners.