Lyn Adams

2022 Volunteer of the Year Award Finalist

  • Carolina Elite Sports

Carolina Elite Sports works to develop young athletes in such a way that they learn how to train, compete, and serve their team and communities. The organization serves mostly girls from 5th through 11th grade and ensures all students regardless of economic status can participate in programming. Carolina Elite Sports seeks to develop athletic talent so players can secure college scholarships, but also focuses on building youths to become adults of outstanding character who will become positive changemakers in their communities. In the past calendar year, more than 70 college scholarships have been offered to these impressive student athletes.

Lyn Adams is the founding visionary and enthusiastic supporter of Carolina Elite Sports. He has taken on the role as mentor, coach, fundraiser, and overall champion. In these various roles, it is typical for him to spend no less than 75 to 100 hours per month working with the organization. Lyn is proof that youth sports have the power to shape hard working, talented athletes and create future leaders.

The most rewarding thing is to look at a young adult, a teen, a ten or 12 year old and see them realize they can do way more than they thought.