Michael Meltzer

2016 Global Community Impact Award Winner

Maya’s Hope Foundation, Inc.
Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.

Michael Meltzer watched as his good friend Maya spent precious time and financial resources assembling care packages for orphans around the world and wondered how she could reach even more children in need. He encouraged Maya to turn the concept into a non-profit and secure additional funding to make an even greater impact. Michael’s guidance and dedication were essential in transforming Maya’s Hope; he sought legal advice to incorporate the non-profit and establish its 501(c)(3) status and then used his financial acumen and social network to get the organization off the ground. Since 2010, Maya’s Hope has improved the quality of children’s lives in places like Ukraine and the Philippines by providing access to basic needs as well as medical care and education.

Michael has rolled up his sleeves over the past six years to make Maya’s Hope a reality. Before the organization could afford a bookkeeper, he did the bookkeeping himself. In 2014, he found office space for Maya’s Hope (and painted it himself), which helped the organization grow by 165% in one year. Michael continues to serve as the organization’s Chairman of the Board and Treasurer, preparing tax returns, managing the finances and spending, recruiting volunteers, and raising funds. Thanks to Michael’s vision, leadership, and dedication, Maya’s Hope has helped 8 children living in Philippine slums attend university, facilitated 20 adoptions, and provided funding for 8 lifesaving medical procedures. He cherishes the opportunity to impact the lives of children around the globe who would otherwise be dismissed, overlooked and unloved.