Mike Berry

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[su_column size=”3/4″ center=”no” class=””]2019 Catalyst Award Finalist

Kids Aid
Legacy Wealth Management
Cambridge Investment Research

In 2004, Mike Berry dropped his daughter off at school and encountered a little girl on the playground, crying because she was tired from sleeping in her family’s car and hungry from missing meals. After wondering why no one was stepping up to fix this problem within his community, Mike realized that he had to act. After speaking with school officials and hunger organizations in his community, Mike learned that children like the little girl he met on the playground often have no food over the weekend. In response, Mike founded Kids Aid, a hunger prevention program that connects food insecure children with backpacks of food for the weekend. Mike believes that kids should be able to be kids and not worry about where their next meals are coming from. Each weekend thanks to Mike’s vision, leadership and commitment, roughly 2,000 children and their families are able to eat.[/su_column][/su_row]
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