Mike Mayernick

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[su_column size=”3/4″ center=”no” class=””]2019 Global Impact Award Finalist

Love One International
Mayernick & Associates
Northwestern Mutual

Ten years ago, Mike Mayernick and his wife adopted a three-and-a-half-year-old girl, JosieLove, from Uganda. When they travelled over to bring her home, she weighed 15 pounds, couldn’t walk or talk, and had tested positive for malaria, tuberculosis and HIV. Throughout their time in Uganda, Mike was stunned by how many children were like JosieLove and knew he had to take action beyond his daughter’s adoption. Soon thereafter, he and his wife founded a nonprofit now known as Love One International to provide a place where kids could receive life-saving medical and rehabilitative care, food, and love in a country where resources are extremely scarce. 

As one the organization’s earliest champions, Mike’s goal was to help create the international nonprofit, fund it, grow it and serve the community in order to change the dire circumstances for children and their families in the Masindi District of Uganda. Thanks in large part to Mike’s vision and longstanding commitment, more than 24,000 children and families have been provided comprehensive services including food, water, medicine and shelter over the past four years.

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