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Seth Haye

Pepperdine University transformed Seth Haye’s life by giving him access to new networks, new experiences and amazing opportunities that set him up for future success in life. Pepperdine’s motto, “Freely Ye Received, Freely Give,” encapsulates Seth’s approach to life and highlights why he gives his time and …Read More

Wornel Simpson

Wornel Simpson understands what the positive, transformative impact that participating in organized sports can have on at-risk youths: they become accountable to their teammates and coaches, learn to develop community networks, and strengthen their personal excellence both on and off the field. For these reasons, Wornel co-founded …Read More

Gregory Spinazze

Founded in 1883, Vista Maria has a long-established history as a leader in Michigan’s child welfare system. Vista Maria aims to foster restorative relationships and deliver innovative care, treatment and education so that vulnerable youth and families believe in their worth, heal and build skills for success. …Read More

Tommy Bohanon

The Tommy Bohanon Foundation is dedicated to supporting young athletes reach their highest potential on and off the playing field. The Foundation serves youth ages five to eighteen through a variety of programs and community outreach events. Developmental programs and scholarship opportunities for high school athletes ensure …Read More

2024 Honorable Mentions

Invest in Others receives hundreds of worthy award nominations each year. Narrowing down the decision to just three finalists is extremely challenging for our judges as all of our nominees give back to others in meaningful ways. We are pleased to recognize an additional seventy five advisors …Read More

Shawn Tydlaska

BLatinX (BLX) Intership’s mission is to increase awareness and access to the financial planning industry for systematically excluded communities and create opportunities for aspiring financial planners. The organization's internship program provides an entry point to the profession for Black and Latinx individuals, offering scholarships and a community …Read More

Today Is A Good Day

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community? The funding will be used to place NICU Family Interactive Outreach and Service Kiosks in NICU Waiting Rooms within each of four Greater Philadelphia hospitals. The kiosks will: 1.Alert families immediately of Today is a Good Day …Read More

The Challenge Program

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community? The purpose of this grant funding is to provide one year of barrier-eliminating financial support for our trainees .The majority of the requested grant funding would cover one year of direct benefits which include DMV fees …Read More

Shoes That Fit

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community? Shoes that Fit's goal in 2024 is to distribute 1000 new sneakers to Delaware students in need. The Invest in Others grant would fund 500 of these sneakers. We work with school contacts to identify, measure …Read More

S.O.A.R. Hospitality & Travel YLC, Inc.

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community? This grant application seeks funding for our Spring 2024 Virtual Business & Entrepreneurship Youth Bootcamp, which features our highly sought-after HBCU college tour. Financial assistance plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the success of our scholars in …Read More