Paul R. Martel

2017 Global Community Impact Award Finalist

Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel, Inc.
YHB Investment Advisors
Pershing & Charles Schwab

Paul Martel has been improving health outcomes by providing affordable healthcare and other humanitarian support to Ecuadorians for nearly twenty years. As founder of Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel, Inc. (FIBUSPAM), Paul’s impact in Ecuador has multiplied since he opened a small clinic in a local church in 2007. Today, the clinic occupies its own two-story building in Riobamba with a fully accredited surgical wing containing two operating rooms, three patient rooms, a nursery and a fully equipped eye clinic. Tens of thousands of Ecuadorians have received medical care thanks to Paul’s clinic and hundreds have received life-changing vision surgeries. FIBUSPAM also partners with the World Health Organization to provide cervical cancer screenings for women who would otherwise go without.

FIBUSPAM routinely hosts foreign surgical teams as well as “voluntours” for American students who travel to Ecuador to volunteer at the clinic. Paul’s reach extends outside of the walls of his clinic with medical caravans that bring medical care and supplies after natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Paul believes that the best use of the prosperity we gain from freedom and free markets as Americans is to help others less fortunate. FIBUSPAM offers a place where the indigenous population of Chimboarazo province knows that they are welcome, will be treated with respect, and receive high-quality care.