Phillip Henry: Advisor in Action

Phillip Henry



Park Avenue Securities


Phillip Henry was driving home from work in his home state of Florida and came across a young man holding a sign that read, “Looking for Work.” He pulled over and talked with the young man, learning that he could not legally work because he lacked a Florida ID. The man had been homeless since he was 13 and needed his original birth certificate from California to get a Florida ID. Phillip, who encountered a similar situation at the age of 27, had difficulty updating his identification documents due to an inconsistency on his birth certificate. This issue led Phillip to IDignity, where he also directed this man. Within three weeks, the man had the documents he needed, support and guidance in understanding what steps he had to take, and was finally able to obtain his ID.

Phillip’s work with IDignity, a nonprofit that assists U.S. citizens in obtaining legal identification documents, is filled with stories like the one told above. These are transformational experiences that allow IDignity clients’ to fully participate in their communities. Phillip recognizes how central an ID is to everyday life; an ID is required to open a bank account, to receive Veterans payments, access health care, fill a prescription and sign a rental for an apartment. As Board Chair, he advances IDignity mission and has served in a variety of capacities. As a fundraiser, Phillip secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. As the Strategic Planning Chair, Phillip is working on a plan to replicate the organization’s process on a nationwide scale. When working directly with IDignity clients, Phillip treats every client with respect and dignity, and is committed to resolving their case regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

Over the past decade, IDignity has served more than 20,000 clients.