Ryan Smith

2023 Catalyst Award Finalist

Grady’s Decision

Mosaic Wealth Consulting

Lincoln Financial Advisors

It warms my heart to be able to share our family’s story and pay it forward to other countless families and babies as they navigate life in the NICU.

Ryan Smith’s life was forever changed when he and his then wife, Katrina, lost their son, Grady.  After experiencing love from so many people after the loss of their son, and the inspiring miracle story of their daughter Gianna, Ryan made the decision to share their story with others and pay it forward.

Grady’s Decision was founded in 2009 with the mission of providing emotional, spiritual and financial support to families experiencing premature birth and/or families with babies needing specialized medical attention. Ryan has served as the President of Grady’s Decision since 2009 and has been involved with all aspects of the organization since its inception. In the past fourteen years, Grady’s Decision has raised more than $2 million dollars and served more than 2,500 families in Northwestern Pennsylvania.